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The Boston Public Schools High School to Teacher program for the teachers of tomorrow

Boston Public schools is quickly becoming one of the most diverse school districts in the country. Our 57,000 students reflect Boston’s vibrant blend of cultures, representing 140 countries and speaking 80 languages. 86 percent of our students identify as black, Latino or Asian. All of them deserve an exceptional education—and access to great teachers who come from as many different cultures and heritages as they do. PieRSquared encourages you to discover this important new program by following the link to TeachBoston.

The BPS HSTT program currently has identified 36 scholars (sophomores, juniors and seniors in BPS schools) that intend to pursue a career as an educator. PieRSquared has partnered with the BPS HSTT Scholars Program to offer math tutoring to any member of this community. 

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