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Why Pie R Squared?


The founding vision for PieRSquared is to provide math tutoring in the community, with an emphasis on developing student confidence and competence in math for the purpose of encouraging broader academic and career choices for Boston’s youth. Providing students with qualified math tutors and a free, healthy snack during after school hours is intended to support and extend the strengths of local schools. Matching students with local college math professors, grad students and peer/mentor tutors is key to the program.


Students develop problem-solving skills and rigor; confidence with math; ability to work alone, and with others; develop a colleagial work ethic and become someone who "thinks about things."   We promote a college orientation while making math fun.




The atmosphere for tutoring within the Bolling Building is ideal, as it shares space with the Boston Public Schools headquarters, and is located next to Dudley Station, where many students gather daily to commute to school.  The math tutoring space is located within the building's atrium, and student's are given a healthy snack every day from Haley House. PieRSquared is happy to be a part of this important work in the community.

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